High Hopes for Low Glycemic Spud

A team of researchers at the Potato Research Centre in Fredericton, N.B., and the Lethbridge Research Centre in Alberta has developed a low glycemic potato. Agriculture and Agri-Food Canada project lead Benoit Bizimungu says this development could help consumers to achieve sustainable weight loss and improve the management of diabetes. Not only that, but the new low glycemic index variety could create new market opportunities for potato growers. [Read Full Article]


No Winter's Rest for Soil

In recognition of the profound importance of soil for human life, the United Nations has named 2015 as the International Year of the Soils. Agriculture and Agri-Food Canada supports this and another UN initiative, World Soil Day, which took place Dec. 5, 2014. With the benefit of new funding from the government’s Growing Forward 2 program, AAFC researchers are investigating biological processes in the soil in an effort to identify better ways to utilize essential nutrients required for plant growth. [Read Full Article]


Searching for an Agile Potato

It’s no secret that rice has been the dominant crop in Asia for some time. It’s estimated that more than 90 per cent of the world’s rice supply is produced in the region and it occupies more land there than any other single crop. [Read Full Article]


A Year After

As of April 1, it will be one year since the Canadian Food Inspection Agency moved to expand the use of Alternative Service Delivery for the inspection of seed potato tuber shipments. The process to explore alternatives to the existing program was slow in 2014, but the Canadian potato industry is hopeful that significant progress will be made in 2015. [Read Full Article]


Introducing Innate

Following United States Department of Agriculture approval of Innate potatoes in November, J.R. Simplot Company expects to receive approval from the U.S. Food and Drug Administration for its Innate product within a few months, the final hurdle for commercially producing the genetically modified potatoes in the United States. The company anticipates similar approval by Health Canada in early 2015, clearing the way for Innate in this country. [Read Full Article]


Roundtable: Preparing the Land for Planting

Growers, like boy scouts, know it’s important to be prepared. Each spring, potato fields across the country are cultivated to varying degrees, depending on the soil, and the earth carefully shaped prior to planting. [Read Full Article]


Potato Tampering

Food safetyas a matter of concern for the potato industry came into the spotlight last fall as a result of a potato tampering case in Prince Edward Island. On Oct. 7, the Canadian Food Inspection Agency advised consumers of a possible food-tampering situation involving potatoes harvested and packed by Linkletter Farms Ltd. of Summerside, P.E.I. [Read Full Article]

A Bug's Life

The Colorado potato beetle has spread throughout North America and other parts of the globe, while repelling all efforts to eradicate it. Here’s a look back at the colourful past of this resilient — and highly vexing — bug.[Read Full Article]

Tuber Talk with Luke Pieterse: Variable Rate Irrigation

Why this alternative to conventional irrigation techniques is getting a lot of attention in potato production circles. [Read Full Article]

Making a Name

There is a change transforming the Canadian potato landscape — it’s called branding, and it’s building momentum. [Read Full Article]

Nutrition in a Compact Package

Two Ontario scientists are researching the health benefits of potatoes, particularly pigmented tubers, and how to share this knowledge with consumers.[Read Full Article]

A Change of Scenery

Airport chosen for site of this year’s Potato Growers of Alberta South Field Day. [Read Full Article]

A Growing Business in Alberta

A lot has changed on Mike Wind’s southern Alberta potato operation since he started Windiana Farms back in 1990.[Read Full Article]


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